Mamas Have Maybe Days Too

Now that I’m an adult I understand my mother better.

I was raised by her and when I was young, I thought she made so many mistakes. Now that I’m older I can see her choices for what they were ….  the least of the two evils. We had a lot of love in our house, but not much else. We usually had a roof and food on the table but that meant that luxuries such as new clothes and enrichment classes were out.

I wonder what my son will think of my choices.

Maybe I’m not a good mother.

Maybe we don’t have enough money.

Maybe I don’t play with him enough.

Maybe I am not creative enough or focused enough or …  enough.

All I can hope is that he is able to see my trying to provide for him and care for him the best that I can. I hope he will know that I love him fiercely and that I tried my best.



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