Family Trip to China


One of our family goals is to visit every Disney property in the world. We’ve been to Anaheim (the original), Florida, Tokyo, Hong Kong so far. We still have Paris and of course Shanghai (the new one) to visit.

Since we’re thinking about visiting Shanghai Disney, it only makes sense that we’d also think about visiting the Great Wall. Tickets are really cheap this year but it’ll probably be a no-go since we’re hoping to be matched again this summer. If we have a baby in foster care, there is a good chance that we wouldn’t be allowed to take the baby to China. Lol Of course if we don’t get matched this summer, perhaps a winter trip isn’t out of the question.

Anyhoo …. if we go, we’ll need to get a visa and think about how we’ll get around once we’re there. My aunt took the liberty of finding out how to write the baby’s name in Chinese: 吉列尔莫. Right now, there are NO PLANS but …  you just never know.




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