Black Parents Need to Adopt Black Children


Let me first say that if a child needs a stable home where they can feel loved, ANY home is better than no home. I was in foster care and having a place to be where people love you is really important.

Now that I’ve said that, I’m going to say that there are Black children that need to be adopted by Black families. I didn’t think this was a controversial statement, but apparently it is. I’m not sure why it’s a strange thought that Black babies should be with Black families but anyway …   *shrugs*

People often approach this situation from the perspective of, “White parents can parent Black children just as well as Black parents. What does it matter?” We seem to forget that this isn’t about what is good for the adult, this is about what is good for the child. It feels good to have people that look like you growing up. It feels good to know where you came from and feel the support of your heritage around you. It feels good to have people that can give you tips about doing your hair, getting a job, etc.


I want to encourage more Black families to adopt strangers. That sounds weird, but let me explain. Lol

Black people adopt more often that white people do, but we lean more toward kinship adoption. That means that we adopt our nephews, our cousins, our friend’s kids, etc. We will take in a kid that we know that needs a home in a heartbeat but we are loath to take in a kid that we don’t know. These kids end up languishing in the foster care system.

Married non-Hispanic Black women (age 18-44) adopt at a higher rate than married non-Hispanic White women:  2.0% versus 1.6%. (Table 1 of the CDC study, “Adoption Experiences of Women and Men and Demand for Children to Adopt by Women 18–44 Years of Age in the United States, 2002

I see tons of adoption-related webinars, ads, etc. that are trying to talk white people into adopting Black children. Why are we letting folks that have to be talked into adopting our children, adopt? There are some common misconceptions about adopting from foster care. Most of them are silly,but some are serious. We need to step up and take care of our community.

Black parents need to adopt Black children. If you’ve considered, or are considering, adopting please go to a foster-adopt information session through your county. It can’t hurt to find out more information but lives can be hurt by not doing anything.



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