Baby/Toddler Jewelry

I don’t know if we’ll be matched with a boy or a girl ….  but in case it’s a girl ..  I’m already looking for bangles. I know that she’ll only be able to wear them for about 10 minutes at a time while I try to take a photo (jewelry on babies is generally considered unsafe) but I can’t help myself.

When you get a baby, you want your baby to have EVERYTHING and in my sexist mind, for a girl, that means jewelry.  =)  Don’t judge me. Anyhoo .. here are the bracelets I’m considering:

Kate Spade has a cute bracelet, but it’s not gold


Mignonette “Alpha Baby”


Mountain Ursus Designs copper or silver bracelet



I like them all, and He thinks I’m a bit crazy but I don’t care. I’m about to go on a bangle-buying spree.  =)



2 thoughts on “Baby/Toddler Jewelry

  1. For our older daughter we bought her a beautiful necklace w her birthstone for her 1st birthday. It’s adult size and I keep/occasionally wear it. I have not decided when she will get it back (I’m thinking high school graduation) but it’s hers- just on loan to me until she us responsible. There were no “things” she needed for her 1st birthday.

    Our second is also a January birthday so we will do the same for her.

    Will you get her ears pierced? We are hopefully finalizing in July and really want to do it.

    • Yay for finalizing in July! Whoo hoo! Please let me know how everything goes. =)

      Not sure about piercing. I kinda feel like it’s tradition but my partner isn’t sold. Not sure what the rules are concerning kids in foster care and ear piercing. Do you have any insight?

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