Doulas for Adoption

I really wanted to cloth diaper with our son, but it didn’t work out as well as I’d hoped it would. We ended up doing a combination of disposable diapers, elimination communication, and cloth diapers. Ugh.

This time, I’d really like to get some help with cloth diapering. I asked on the Babywearing While Black Facebook group and came up with this great solution: hire a post-partum doula. They shared the website and I was able to find a Black Latina (like me) that specializes in adoption. Whoo hoo!

I’ll be giving her a call to set up a meeting but I am THRILLED right now.


2 thoughts on “Doulas for Adoption

  1. That is awesome!! I was looking at a doulas page recently and thought- I should become a dula for adoptive parents. Helping to support and normalize in all the chaos that happens during adoption. I love your blog btw! Sorry if I over comment!!

    • You TOTALLY should. Now that we have two I’m thinking that we might need a bit more support and most of them seem to center around a woman’s body during pregnancy, during birth, and after birth. We need support too.

      You don’t over comment. I LOVE hearing your thoughts!


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