Holding On: Waiting for the Adoption Call


This is the album cover from Dutch singer iET. Huh … 

Yesterday I was through. We sent off for the application in February, were able to complete it and mail it April, we were approved June, and we’re still waiting. Yes, we did have that call but it wasn’t a good match for us …  and we’re still waiting.

I’m a bit spoiled because it all happened so quickly last time. We got the matching call before I even knew our home study was approved. They called us on Monday and Wednesday afternoon we were walking our with our snuggle bug in our arms. It took almost 12 months exactly for the adoption to become final. It was a textbook example of how the foster-adopt program was supposed to work.

This time things are different. I know in my heart that babies that come into the program have been ripped from their families and all families that are safe (most kids in our county come into care from neglect) and willing to work at it should be given a chance to increase their skills and keep their families intact. I know this. I also know that I’d like to be matched again this summer. For us to be matched, a family has to be struggling. For us to be matched, a baby has to leave everything that they know. Ugh …

Yesterday, I was over it. I was ready to quit. I wanted to call our adoption worker and tell them that our case would have to be put on hold until February 2017. September to January is our busy time with work and adding a kid to the mix doesn’t seem smart. Then I got a letter saying that we have been approved for a kid between 0 and 1 year old. All of a sudden, I started imagining these kid that we might be matched with. One minute it was another newborn. The next minute it was a baby toddling around the furniture. The next minute it was a 20 month old that was running down our stairs. Lol

It’s funny how something as small as a letter providing information that you already know can bring that little dash of hope that you need to hold on.




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