Should Black Fathers Kiss Therir Children?


Anthony Blue, Sr. with his father and son.


I ran across this article on that talks about the image above. It says:

“This was a photo that I took for my father last year for Father’s Day. It’s a display of love being passed down through the generations. Our family loves hard and everyone knows it. My father showed unconditional love to me, my twin brother, and my sister, and I want to pass it on to my son. We call it, Blue Love.”- Anthony Blue Sr. [pictured with father Aubrey and son Anthony Jr.).

There were some pretty messed up responses to this photo that I won’t reprint here but suffice it to say that some Black men were NOT feeling this image. BlackDoctor.or says:

In an unofficial poll, a Facebook user conducted a survey of Black men and came with these results:

Out of roughly 179 Black Men:

77% had never had their father say the words “I love you” to them

64% can’t remember the last time they said the words “I love you” to another man

39% think that kissing their father or son can make them “soft” or “less than a man”

24% think there’s nothing wrong with kissing and hugging their father or son

My husband kisses my son all the time but my son is two. When I asked him about this photo he said thought he probably wouldn’t take one like it, he didn’t see anything wrong with a father showing his son that he loves him.

We know that boys and men have just as many feelings and emotional needs as girls and women. When boys learn not to express any emotions beyond anger and happiness, we are setting them up to fail. I hope that this image will encourage other Black fathers to show their kids that they love them.


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