Doing a DNA Test as a Black Person


I’ve have been playing around with the idea of getting DNA tests for us. I saw this video of Michael K. Williams finding out that he was Mende from Sierra Leon and I was overwhelmed.

When I started digging, I wasn’t so sure what to think. This guy is Igbo from Nigeria. He took a DNA test to see how accurate they are.

When I dug a little deeper, I read this:

The Gentleman is told he comes from the Ashanti people. That is a BLATANT LIE. Ashanti is a FEDERATION of African people same as the USA is a federation of Caucasians. Therefore, just as someone cannot use DNA to prove one is an American citizen likewise someone cannot use DNA to prove they are Ashanti. Therefore for the report to come out and claim the recipient is an Ashanti shows clearly, it is a lie and the DNA report is not worth the paper it is written on.

You will find in DNA tests for white Americans, the report classifies them as Caucasian instead of British German, Irish etc. The report should read the same for black people in America. European in America are a MIXTURE of different European people. The same is true for black people in America. They are also a MIXTURE of African people. Therefore, instead of saying the person is Igbo, Yoruba, or whatever (which can be misleading) the authentic DNA should read: black African.

Hmm …

If you already know that you’re Black, should you get one of these DNA tests? I already know I’m Black so what more will the DNA test show me? Is this all a hoax, a scam, a bunch of lies told that people that are trying to prey on our feelings to get to our wallets?

What say you?



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