Toddler Slept in Toddlerbed

There are two beds in our toddler’s room. He has the crib he’s slept in since he was a wee one and the toddler bed we just bought a few weeks ago. We’re trying to transition him to the toddler bed but my concern is that he won’t lie down and sleep if he’s not penned in.

Last night we put him in his crib, like usual, but this time he just cried and cried. I went in there to snuggle him and decided to lie down with him in his toddler bed. He’s a big boy now and holding him for extended periods is difficult for me. At first I was snuggling him but as time wore on, I moved over and let him touch my face. Eventually I got tired and rolled over, yes I’m small, to go to sleep. After I noticed that he was sleeping, I crept out and he slept in his new toddler bed all night. In the morning, he started fussing (usually I go get him out of his crib), realized that he could get out of the bed by himself, and came padding into our bedroom. So cute!

I’m not sure if he’ll sleep in there again tonight. I’m not sure if I’ll have to sleep in his toddler bed every night for a while. Lol I am sure that my little one is growing up.


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