Baby Welcoming 2


We had a baby welcoming with the first baby. We had been stockpiling stuff since we started thinking about adoption so we didn’t need anything. We did want our loved ones to welcome the new baby into our family though.

The second baby is no different. I’m already thinking about where we could have it, what the theme should be, and what dates would work. While looking around, I came across this article that has several different themes for baby welcomings. My favorite theme is the #FreezerShower:

“Bringing food to new mothers is a time-honored tradition that usually slows down by the second or third week. That’s about the same time when most parents are at their most sleep-deprived, babies hit their fussiest stage and younger kids are demanding their share of attention. A Freezer Shower is the answer. Ask everyone to whip up a casserole or soup or some type of dish that will freeze well. (Pre-frozen foods and restaurant gift cards are good options as well.) Include a card with the name of the dish and instructions for reheating.”

Read the whole article here.


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