Second Adoption: First Visit


We adopted a baby from our county’s foster adopt program last year.

This is our second ride on the rollercoaster.

We picked up the baby today around 11am and kept her until 7pm. The original plan was to take her to the park and see if she likes us or not. Lol It was so hot that we had to change plans and ended up taking her to our house.

Our toddler was cool at first. He went to this play room and did his own thing. I fed the baby some food and let her use the spoon to eat by herself (smartikins!). After about an hour or so, he came over to the couch took a good, long look at her …  then he ran away. Lol I moved her to the rug for tummy time and that’s when the play really began. They looked at each other, fought over the toys, and ended up smiling together.

Since things were going well, we headed over the grand’s house. The lady grand remembered that they still had the activity center from when our toddler was a babe. The baby loved it! We hung out for a bit and then headed home.

All was well until ….  she started crying for no discernible reason. She didn’t want a water bottle. She didn’t want a milk bottle. She didn’t want food. She didn’t want to be sung to. She cried so loudly that she woke up the toddler that was sleeping in his room. Eek! Just when we were at our wit’s end … I noticed that her tummy was tight. Earlier in the day she had two poopy diapers with black poop. I sent an email with a photo of the poop and our adoption worker suggested that she was constipated. I also text the foster mom and she said that she was probably constipated and said that this happens often and that I shouldn’t worry.

Is that weird?


We monitor our toddler’s urine and defecation output (with Baby Connect app) and try to make changes if necessary. We don’t say, “Meh, it happens” and continue doing the same thing. This poor baby’s tummy was so tight …..  tomorrow we’re picking up some fruit for her. We gave her lots of water today. Hopefully, that changes her output.

Overall, the visit went well and we can’t wait to see her tomorrow.


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