Second Adoption: Overnight Visit


We were able to spend a whole day with her!

It was glorious. Now, I don’t usually go around using the word “glorious” but that’s the best word to explain it. We didn’t do anything fancy. We hung out at the house. We visited the grands. We came home and had dinner. We went to sleep. It was so normal an felt so good. We came together just like a family.

We picked her up at 11am and were all ready to go to down to a family get together when our tire blew … again. We drove around trying to find replacement tire. After visiting two different tires stores, we gave up the ghost and decided to drive home on the doughnut and go to our local shop. The day was spent trying to get the tire fixed while keeping two little ones happy in the backseat. You’d think it would have been frustrating but it was really nice.

We were told that she sleeps from 8pm until 7am the next morning ….  not at our house! Lol She woke up three times. Two times she wanted a bottle and one time she wanted to party! Lol By 5:30am the next morning we were tired and wanting a nap and overjoyed that our little family had come together so wonderfully.




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