Babywearing an Adopted Infant


I am a huge fan of babywearing and we’re currently working our second adoption from foster care.

With the first baby, we picked the baby up from the hospital. He had already suffered his first trauma: the loss of his biological/first family. I wanted to help him acclimate to our family (we’re a bit scrunchy) so we started babywearing with a no-sew rebozo wrap when he was about three months old. He took right to it and we changed to a mei tei when he was about six months old. He’s 2.5 years old and we’ve worn him all over the world and are still  going strong.

With the second baby, we picked her up when she was eight months old. Coming to live with us would be her second trauma (loss of biological/first parents, loss of foster family) and I was expecting that there might be some hesitance on her part. The first day of our visit, we just looked at her. The second day, we spent almost seven hours together and spent most of that time playing with her, but letting her lead. The third day, we had an overnight visit and picked her up early. We wanted to head to a store or two so I babywore her on my chest in the mei tei. She seemed okay for the first (her foster parents didn’t babywear) trip but I intentionally kept it short. The fourth day, we went to the store again and I did a brief babywear in the mei tei. The fifth day, we picked her up for her last overnight visit before placement. I wanted to go grocery shopping (babies eat a lot!) so I tried a back carry in the mei tei and ….  she loved it! I think babywearing is good for all babies, but especially important for adopted infants and toddlers because:

They can smell you.

Regardless of how old the baby/child is when they come to live with you, they’ll have to adjust to your smell. Smell is one of those animal things. It’s hard to define but you know when you’ve been around a smell that’s familiar. You want your smell to become the familiar, comforting smell for your child.

They can feel your gait.

Babies like car rides, washing machines, etc. Being carried by you should be one of those good feelings. When you babywear, it puts the baby right on your body and helps lull the baby. Many babies will fall asleep while being worn. Bonus!

They can explore you.

You’ll find that babywearing provides a child the perfect vantage point for looking at you and touching you. They will touch, pinch, stroke, lick, and anything else while being worn. I think this is really important for children that are being adopted because they have to get to know you. What a non-confrontational way for them to explore!

Benefits of babywearing from Dr. Sears

Benefits of babywearing for the family


Since I’m into gentle parenting, I’ll also just leave this article about Why African Babies Don’t Cry right here.





2 thoughts on “Babywearing an Adopted Infant

  1. Love love love baby wearing. Wish I had done it w my first. I was under the impression it was expensive. It doesn’t have to be! I bought my first Moby for $20 at once upon a child (chain second hand shop), later I bought a ergo from once upon a child w baby insert for $40. I then made my own wrap w enough linen from Joann fabrics to make a size six wrap which cost me $19 w coupon. I bought a maya ring sling for $30 on a Facebook budget swap site. I did buy a new beach baby wrap new. Long story short I use them way more then my stroller, it gives me two hands and a really secure happy baby that I’m bonded to.

    I donated my Moby to a foster mom that is part of our Baby Wearing International Group (look them up- ours has a loan closet and classes to teach how to wrap!)

    Congrats on your new little one and enjoy your snuggles!!!!

    • Yes! I literally used a piece of material from my sewing stash for the first few months. After that we found a used mei tei for $5 that we’ve used for the last two years. I just won a new mei tei in my Black babywearing group so now I have two. I always tell folks how inexpensive and awesome babywearing is.

      Thanks for the congratulations! She’s a little chubby goddess. =)

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