Second Adoption: Placement

Adoption Placement Agreement


We officially have a placement!

Isn’t this always the way it works? You complain about the paperwork, you grouse about the waiting, you bitch about the waiting …  again … and then you’re matched. Then you’re meeting the child. Then your visiting. Then you’re holding this child in your arms. Then they are placed in your home and heart opens with love!

Our adoption worker came over yesterday and we signed all the paperwork. She said she is amazed with how much (for the better) the baby has changed in the last week. It went to so well that we’re moving forward with the termination of parental rights hearing scheduled for September 8th! We don’t know if they’ll grant it or not (we’ll only have had the baby for about a month at that point) but she’s gonna try.

If that moves forward, we’ll have a clear path to adopt in six months. Eek!

I wish you all could see her. She’s such a baby little baby. She loves to play with her toes and is babbling a lot. We can’t wait to make her a permanent part of our family.

Anyhoo …  she’s here.



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