Feeding Solids to Your Adopted Infant


Getting baby girl to eat solids is turning out to be a bit of a struggle.

With our toddler, we had him since we picked him up in the hospital. The first food he ate was squash that I baked and mashed up myself. He loved churascarria (Brazilian steakhouse) by the time he was nine months old. He eventually did each those little Gerber foods to go, but by that time his love of actual food, both flavors and textures, was cemented. The Gerber foods were probably like a guilty treat (think Jell-O or pudding) to him.

Our current foster-adopt placement is already 8 months old but she hadn’t been given any food yet. She wants to eat two or three of those Gerber fruits and/or veggies at every meal because that’s what she’s used to. Since she’s been here (a week) we’ve been giving her the Gerber with meat (turkey and squash, chicken and veggies, etc.), Gerber with oatmeal (oatmeal with pears and cinnamon, yum!), and sliding in a few actual foods when we get a chance.

Babies have done a lot of living in 8 months. She came to us sleeping through the night, eating on a schedule, and clinging to her foster mother. We have a totally different parenting style. At our house she wakes two or three times a night for a bottle, she eats when she wants, as much as she wants, and she plays on the floor with her brother and her toys. It’s all a lot to take in over a week. I have to remember that she’s lived a completely different life until now. I have to be patient.

Introducing food to her seems like it might be a bit of a struggle (some textures turn her off) but eventually she will eat food. You don’t see 9 year olds eating Gerber foods anymore. Lol

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