Black Families Needed


I’ve come across yet another research study that talks about why white families don’t want to adopt African-American (Black) children. Apparently, international adoption of African (Black) children is fine, but home grown, ordinary Black kids are not wanted:

Nikki Khanna is a sociology professor who led the study. She notes via email that U.S. adoptions from Africa have more than tripled between 2003 and 2010. But she says it’s not clear why the parents she interviewed found African children more adoptable than black American kids. “For these parents, it is possible that they perceive African-American culture as more ambiguous and less defined than that of Tanzanian or Congolese culture, for example, and hence more accessible to them. More research, however, is needed.”

And then, there’s the race issue. Khanna says many parents cited long-standing, contentious race relations between blacks and whites as a deterrent to adopting African-American kids. “They were hesitant to enter into a situation in which they themselves had to take up and address this history with their own African-American children.  Perhaps some parents feel that if they adopt from Africa that they or their African children are somehow exempt from this history.  I would argue, however, that that view is ill-conceived and highly problematic.”

The article mentions, ” ..  there should be a more open dialogue about transracial adoption, specifically as it relates to white parents adopting African-American children.” I’m gonna go with all the nopes in Nopeville. Instead of trying to “educate” white people to get them to adopt Black children, let’s encourage more (we already adopt at 17% while white folks adopt at 12%) Black families (singles, couples, people with kids, people that are divorced, etc.) to adopt Black children.


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