Being Black at School


Kelly Wickham Hurst, guidance dean for Lincoln Magnet School in Springfield, Ill.

I just this on My Brown Baby and thought I’d bookmark for later:

You know what it takes for brown babies to win at school? Attentive, loving parents. Good teachers who give a crap about our kids. An administration that listens and corrects when it’s called to the mat. And, sometimes, a shotgun to the back.

What my friend Kelly Wickham Hurst, a longtime public school assistant vice principle and a fearless, vocal advocate for Black children, has created is a shotgun to the back: her new venture, Being Black at School, is primed to provide resources for both parents and educators, as well as the students themselves, for how they fit into American public education as a system. BBAS seeks to recognize how systemic racism hurts students and perpetuates distrust in learning communities that are meant to be safe for all students. Most importantly, Kelly will be giving us the tools to fight the powers that be.

I’m so proud of Kelly. Take a look at what she’s created, sign up for more information and her incredible resources, and share this far and wide with anyone you know who is invested in education—a good, solid, supportive education—for Black children.

Check out Being Black at School.

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