Welcoming a New Baby Into the Orchard


This is the practice cake I baked before the actual baby welcoming.

Since we adopted, from foster care we had plenty of time to prepare for our child. When I moved to Los Angeles, I sewed him  a baby blanket with turtles embroidered on it and satin edges. We hadn’t even gone to an orientation yet and I was already working on his baby trousseau. Lol

Once we had gone through the classes, had our home inspection, and completed our home study we set our sights on alerting the family. Thankfully, everyone was on board. By the time we were matched, folks were bursting with excitement to meet the addition to the family. Since we already had everything we needed and the baby was already here, we decided to have a baby welcoming instead of a baby shower.

In my mind, a baby welcoming is a time for loved ones to meet the baby and hang out together. It’s a time to create the energy that will bring the baby into the orchard of our family. The baby welcoming we had for our firstborn was one of the best days of my life.

The theme was travel, of course, and everyone pitched in. His grandmother made candies. We held it at a friend’s house. His godmother made a really cool frame for a photobooth and her yummy mini-cheesecakes. We made clay babies, photobombed each other, and ate foods from other countries. It was a really amazing day.

I’m not sure about a baby welcoming for our daughter. I’d love to have one but we’re going into our busy season and trying to squeeze in a baby welcoming and her first birthday party over the next four months might be a bit much. Perhaps a baby welcoming photo shoot??

What do you think? Should we make it happen or hold off and have everyone meet her at her first birthday party?


2 thoughts on “Welcoming a New Baby Into the Orchard

    • I think we’re gonna try something WILD and have a half babywelcoming half born day party! LOL

      Or not …

      We’re going to Puerto Rico for her 1st born day, so perhaps we’ll just do the babywelcoming for family and have a family-with-cake party for her born day. Hopefully we’ll finalize next spring and then … we’ll have another party for that. I love parties. =)

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