Our Daughter is Amazing


I know we haven’t officially adopted her yet, but she feels like home.

County Foster-Adopt

When we got the call, I started crying. When they told me about her medical concerns, I wasn’t dissuaded. When I met her, she wasn’t thrilled about us ….  until we were alone.

Over the course of one weekend of visits, we bonded. She gave us a few days of honeymoon and then let loose … and it didn’t matter. Kids are a pain. All kids. We never thought about saying she wasn’t a good fit. She was always a good fit for our family.


By the time our adoption worker showed up for placement (five days later) she couldn’t believe the changes in the baby. She was like a whole new baby. Medical concerns. What medical concerns? Our pediatrician didn’t find evidence of any of the earlier noted problems. Failure to thrive? She gained two pounds with us in one week. When she plays with our son … my heart melts.

It won’t be official until the termination of parental rights and finalization but …  my daughter is home. Welcome, little one.

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