Baby Girl’s 9 Month Mishap

Today we took baby girl to our pediatrician for her 9 month appointment. Usually they do a little physical and give the baby the next round of immunizations. Well, as you might recall we’ve only had the baby for three weeks (we’re adopting her from foster care). We had to take her for a medical exam when she was placed with us and her medical records followed her from her last placement.

Imagine our surprise when a nurse told us that she had received her 9 months shots in APRIL. She was only 5 months old at that point. Um … what the hell?!

They gave her a booster and sent us on our way.

When I think of all the things that the last home said were wrong with her emotionally AND medically ….  *stomps foot* NONE of those things have been true so far and our pediatrician today (this is her second time seeing her) said that those things must have been manifesting because of her environment.

The baby has changed so much from the first day we met her to today. She is amazing and I’m so glad that we were matched with her.

2 thoughts on “Baby Girl’s 9 Month Mishap

  1. My heart simultaneously broke for her and was happy for her. Sad that she had been failed previously and happy she has you and your family to help her achieve her full potential. What baby at 8 months has “behaviors”?! Stomping my feet and my fists.

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