Homeschooling and Disneyland



True story …

While taking a look around the internets, I found two groups that work with homeschooling families around the idea of Disneyland!

The First

Did you know there is a homeschooling day at Disneyland? It’s set for January 27, 2017 It’s run by Celebration Education and free to attend. Of course, you have to get your ticket for Disneyland but for those of us with passes, this is awesome!

Did you know that you can take a class at Disneyland through Celebration Education:

Attend class two 45-minute classes each month. Each class ends with an attraction as “homework.” Students must have their own admission to the parks.

The Second

Did you know that Disneyland also offers classes at the park through Disney Youth Programs?

We love, love, love Disneyland and have been to parks in California (of course), Florida, Japan and Hong Kong. Paris and Shanghai are on our list. Being able to combine our love of Disneyland with our love of homeschooling/unschooling/worldschooling is amazing!

Our oldest is only two but …  I’m tucking this away for later.



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