Teething Craziness


We’ve had baby girl in our home for almost a month now so we still don’t know her very well. This morning she was kind of fussy and cried ….  a lot. When I looked in her mouth, I could see two little teethies coming in on the bottom.

This is our first experience with teething. Our toddler didn’t sprout teeth until a little after his first born day and it seems like one day he was gumming food and the next day, he had a full set of chompers. Now I understand what all the stories about teething babies are about. Lol

This poor baby is in pain. You can tell she’s hurting because even while resting, she has one tear sliding down her face. We’ve been giving her bits of frozen juice bar, rubbing her back, and letting her snuggle in the Moby.

I know most babies go through this but it’s hard watching her struggle.




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