Early Head Start Invitation


We just got an invitation to Early Head Start for our oldest son in the mail. Apparently, since we adopted him from foster acre, he can attend for free.  I wasn’t really into it until I read that parent participation is encouraged.

When I was in elementary school, we had a Room Mom every day. Usually they made copies and made sure we were kind to each other but one Room Mom sang to us. She brought in her acoustic guitar and taught us hippie songs. I loved the time we spent with her and I loved her energy. I still enjoy those songs and sing them to my kids.

I really enjoy teaching my kids things but I wouldn’t mind them going to school IF the school they went to was full of kind people. I’ll be able to judge that a lot better if we’re at the school and in the room.

Perhaps him going to Early Head Start won’t be so bad after all …


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