Living in Mazatlan


One of my life goals is to live in a different country for at least a few months. Now that we have kids, we’re taking into account things like safety, schools, kid activities, and cost of living. While looking, we’ve come across Mazatlan. I was originally considering the Costa Chica but …. this could work.

Kinda like Tinkergarten

A blog about life with a kid in Mazatlan. This blog also has a great post about schools.

I found this great list of schools from a Trip Advisor post:

From my book, “Mazatlan IS Paradise:”

Appendix 7 Schools in Mazatlán

Printed with permission of Lani Wooll

Pre-kinder – nursery school – and Kinder – kindergarten – are preschool, for kids from 3-5 years of age. Primaria – Elementary – is grade 1 through 6 and secundaria – junior high – is grade 7 through 9. Preparatorio – high school – is grade 10 through 12, and although not mandatory at this time, the Federal government is moving to make it so quite soon. The curriculum and school year doesn’t vary much from school to school as it is mandated by the Secretaría de Educación Publico (SEP) – Department of Education, both Federal and State. All schools must meet specified criteria and guidelines.

These are some of the most popular schools although there are many more to consider. It seems every neighborhood has its own private school.

1. Instituto Británico, located at Blvd. del Marlin #34, Fracc. Sábalo Country, this school promotes small class size as well as 100% bilingual education with a great physical education program, which is very rare in Mazatlán. It is one of the newer, more popular schools amongst the upper middle class and foreign population, and is non-denominational. Tel: 913-5919.

2. Instituto Anglo Moderno (Anglo), is currently the biggest and most popular and one of the more expensive private schools. The pre-kinde, kinder and grade school are located in Lomas de Mazatlán at Avenida Lomas de Mazatlán #242 and #222. They have also built a brand new junior high & high school (secundaria and preparatorio) in the new Marina area, Av. del Delfín #6203, Fracc. Marina Mazatlán.

They are non-denominational with some sports and a soccer program that is linked to a top Mexican soccer team, plus a computer lab and well-equipped kitchen for culinary arts. This seems to be the upper middle class’s choice. The downside to this school is very large class sizes. Telephone numbers for contact are: Kinder and Pre-kinder: 916-6029, Elementary: 913-5376, Junior High: 182-2100 and High School: 182-2100. Their website is:

3. Instituto Cultural de Occidente (ICO), is a Catholic school located on east side of Ejército Mexicano at the junction with Rafael Buelna. This used to be THE school for the wealthy and powerful families of Mazatlán and outlying areas. It is very difficult for a foreigner to get into and it helps if you have connections. Class sizes are fairly large, with a decent phys. ed. program. Call them at 986-1466.

4. Colegio Andes is located behind Home Depot, at Av. de la Universidad #205, Fracc. Alameda. Tel: 986-2488. This is, in my opinion, the best school in Mazatlán. It has small class size, excellent bilingual education and some of the richest, most influential people send their children there. The downside is a strict Catholic, very conservative, Opus Dei education.

5.Colegio Begsu is on Av. Insurgentes with two locations between the Malecón and Av. de la Marina, and is solidly middle class, non-denominational and the popular choice of many small business owners, hotel workers, etc. Telephone them for more information at 984-5621.

6. Colegio Remington is behind Ley #1 at calle Rio San Lorenzo #223, Col. Palos Prietos, and is a elementary (primaria) school run by Catholic nuns. This school generally has more girls than boys since it used to be an all girl school and is known to be a springboard to acceptance in ICO. Their number is 981-3347.

7. Colegio Vallodolid, has two locations; one downtown on Belisario Dominguez,…

and the other out near El Conchi,…

These schools are relatively inexpensive and popular with the working class families. They are non-denominational, with discipline and security not being the same as in the more expensive schools. Connections are not needed to be accepted here. For more information call 985-6333.

8. Colegio el Pacífico is at calle Cruz #2 in Cerro del Vigía and is a great choice for those in El Centro. This is a solidly middle class school. My bilingual co-workers who are themselves alumni are now sending their children there and believe that the English program is excellent. Contact them at 981-2215. Their website is

9.Instituto Pedagógica Hispanoamericano, Av. de las Torres #10100, Fracc. Los Olivos. This is also a middle–class school with good academic standards. They frequently score amongst the best in the state on standardized testing. They are nursery (pre-kinder) through high school and offer many after-school activities. Telephone: 990-2101.

There are 2 new large schools. One is Colegio Rex Av. del Delfin #6221, Fracc. Marina Mazatlán, Tel: 922-0700. They say their teachers have been trained by graduates of the University of Arizona. They offer nursery through junior high.

The other is Colegio Montfort, calle Eduardo Fountanet #203, Fracc. Plaza Reforma, east of the Soriana on Rafael Buelna and behind the bullring just east of Av. de la Marina. Tel: 913-0267 , which opened February of 2012.

Most of what I wrote in the K-9 section applies to high schools. Preparatorio is equivalent to a U.S. prep school and is a fast track to university. There is a prep school affiliated with the Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa, 985-5917. The Tec de Monterrey, Mexico’s most prestigious university system, has its own prep school. Attendance at Tec de Monterrey prep school will virtually guarantee you a spot in the Tec University system, providing the qualifying grades are attained. A tough admissions exam is required to get into the Tec de Monterrey and it is very expensive. They have also moved to a brand new, state-of-the-art campus in the Mazatlán Marina area. Telephone: 989-2000


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