Second Adoption TPR Granted

Baby girl had a termination of parental rights hearing on Thursday. I called her adoption worker that afternoon, but she said that she hadn’t attended the hearing and didn’t know what happened. She said the minute order wasn’t posted but that she’s see what was happening and give me a call back.

Monday rolled around and I hadn’t heard about the hearing so I gave her a call. She said only a supervisor could see the minute orders so she didn’t know anything yet. She told me that she was off Tuesday so she’d give me a call Wednesday. Hmmmm …

I called our adoption worker and asked if she knew. She also said that only supervisors could read the minute orders. She said she’d see if she could get her hands on the hearing info. She called me back in about an hour and said that the termination of parental rights had happened. Baby girl’s parents had 60 days to appeal the ruling. We had another hearing scheduled for November and if nothing went wrong, the case would be transferred from foster care to adoptions. She also said that if things kept up, at this pace the adoption could be finalized as early and February! Wow!

Our toddler’s adoption took almost a year to the day for matching, placement, termination of parental rights, and finalization and I thought that was pretty quick. This one is zooming by. At this rate, it’ll be about six months in total!

We’re working her baby welcoming. The holidays are quickly approaching. Before you know it, her finalization party will be happening.




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