Our Family Recognized


Our adoption worker had to present a case at a regional meeting and she chose ours! I wrote up a little about experience and she presented it at the meeting. I guess it went well because I just received this phone message from her supervisor:

I just wanted to say thank you for sending that right up over about your experience. I had an opportunity tonight or today to share that with all of our our entire region, and it was received very well everyone has a really pleased and excited for your daughter and for your son, and really just excited to have you guys as a part of our team as well, so thank you again for the ride up, and thank you for loving on these babies.

Isn’t that cool? We don’t do anything special in our house. I tend to think our home is full of chaos (2 babies and a HUGE pup!) and craziness. We do babywear, use baby-led weaning, and other crunchy tactics but mostly we just chill with our family. It’s good to hear that though our family isn’t perfect, and is a bit small and broken, it’s good …  yeah …  still good.


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