Adoption #2: Today She Cried


Today, she cried.

She didn’t wail.

She didn’t scream.

Today, she cried the way I’ve heard other babies cry. I was in en suite bathroom and she was in her crib. Apparently, she didn’t want to read any more books so she started crying. I was busy and used to her screeching for extended periods of time, so I said, “You’re okay mamas ….  I’m right here” and then went on about my chores.

It took me a minute to realize it but she had cried for a little bit (not wailed) and then rolled over, grabbed her bottle, and went to sleep. The silence surprised me so I went to check on her. As soon as I came through the doorway, I could see her lying on her back with her bottle in her mouth and her left leg thrown over the right.

I walked closer to her crib to make sure that she really was okay. I saw her little chest rising and falling so I smiled to myself and went back to my chores. She’s been with us about three months and it seems that she may have realized that #1 she doesn’t have to screech to get our attention #2 she usually has a bottle or a pacifier nearby #3 it’s okay to just let yourself fall asleep in a cozy spot.

She’s eating yummy solids (she had Sizzler’s steak and shrimp for the first time this week), playing with her brother, learning to get out of the way of Edgar’s tail, and apparently getting comfortable with us.



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