She didn’t wake up this time.

Most people find it difficult to fall asleep around people you don’t feel comfortable with and/or in new situations. Our baby girl falls asleep with us, but will wake if anything changes. For example, if she falls asleep in the car she’ll immediately wake once you unclick her carseat.

Our toddler has fallen asleep in many different places (carseat, while in the mei tei, etc.) and we’re usually able to successfully transfer him to his bed. Our little girl? Ha?! As soon as she notices that something is changing, she’s up. I don’t mean she sleepily looks around and then lies her head back on your shoulder. I mean she’s UP! She’s looking. She’s talking. You can see that she’s wondering what’s going on.

This weekend we’re going to Disneyland so we’re at a hotel. We ran out to get dinner and she fell asleep on the way back. He was able to unclick her seat belt, pick her up, grab some bags, carry her to our room, and lie her down in the borrowed crib all while she slept peacefully.

I know babies sleeping in a parent’s arms isn’t a huge thing for many, but for adoptive parents the feeling can be overwhelming. By the time she was placed with us, she had lost her parents and her foster parents. We were her third family and I think anyone might concerned about new situations at this point. My guess is that she doesn’t trust new people/situations because things have changed so often for her. I applaud her willingness to put up with us. I applaud her willingness to accept our HUGE dog that’s always in the way, our toddler that’s adjusting to having a sibling and two imperfect parents that are probably making tons of mistakes along the way.

I know it’s not huge news to everyone else, but for a newly created foster-adopt family … her feeling comfortable enough to sleep is huge.


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