Apparently We Did It Wrong

We used to rent a three bedroom, three bathroom, two story house. The house was okay but the neighbors were annoying. We wanted to move after our son’s adoption was final but we knew we wanted to adopt again and it was intimated that the wait time for licensing to come back out would be long …  so we stayed.

Once you have a foster child in your home, licensing has to come back out to make sure the child is safe. A few months after we were matched with our daughter we started looking for a new house. We found a four bedroom, two bath (I know …  ugh …) single story house a few blocks away.

As soon as we signed the lease we sent an email to her social worker and our adoption worker.We knew we had to update (reapply??) with licensing so we did that as well. As usual, the property management company is being a bit of a challenge. To get a letter that says that they knew we’re doing foster care at the property (I submitted our foster care paperwork when we applied AND both children are on the lease) I was told that they would have to contact their legal department and have them draft a letter. *blank stare*

Yesterday I got a call from licensing. They seemed upset that we’d applied after we moved. How could we have applied before we moved? We didn’t have access to the house? They seemed upset that we didn’t have the letter from the property management company. They said we’d need to submit the letter once we got it.

I’m wondering how big a deal this is. Are we pay-a-fine in trouble or remove-the-child in trouble?

Anyone have any idea?



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