We Are Licensed!


We adopted from foster care last year. We were matched again this summer. We moved a month ago …. with a foster care placement that we hope to adopt.

After submitting our application incorrectly and then going up to the office THREE times to turn in paperwork, we are officially licensed to have children in our home again.

The lady was kinda mean on the phone but she was nice when she arrived. She spent about two hours poking around, asking to see things, and waiting while we turned down the heat on our water heater and while He rigged up the fireplace cover so the babies couldn’t get through it.

It was  a bit tense in the beginning but it ended perfectly lovely. I remember the other license person telling us that they really do want to pass you. They are looking for the house to be safe and livably clean, not perfect. We moved about a month ago but we haven’t been home much so boxes are EVERYWHERE. On top of that living with two toddlers and a 100 pound dog means our floors are rarely clean. She was okay with it and even complimented me on putting water in the baby’s juice (do any parents NOT do that?) so as not to give the baby too much sugar and to keep their teeth good (we exchanged stories about how people in Cambodia kept complimenting our baby’s teeth).

All in all it was a good time that ended with is being full licensed ….  again.





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