Firsts: Baby Boy’s First Puzzle


The entrance to the Effie Yeaw Nature Preserve.

He did it!

We we had some work in Sacramento and decided to visit the Effie Yeaw Nature Preserve while we were there. The kids had a blast and our oldest decided to complete his first 7 piece puzzle at the park.

Our little ones entered the nature preserve and took off running! Lol They enjoyed walking around the history part (there is a bit about the original inhabitants of the area) and took a look at the deer. Yes, there are deer chilling in the nature preserve. There’s even a sign on the lunch tables that asks you not to feed them. Thankfully for us, they were relaxing in a glade a little ways away from us.

We started off on a trail, but the babies kept trying to jump in the puddles and we didn’t bring their rain boots so that was a no go. Lol Eventually, we decided to visit the education center. There are bathrooms, exhibits, and ….  live animals! There was an owl that we didn’t believe was real, a few snakes in cages, and one snake in the hands of a worker. Eek! Lol

sacramento-2016-nature-preserve-guillermo-fish-puzzleThe museum doesn’t seem that large but there are lots of things to do with kids. There are stations set up with Kendama, baskets that can be filled and carried on the head, puzzles to complete, cooking rocks to move with big sticks, a house to sit in, circles to look through, and box-exhibits that light up. Speaking of puzzles …  our oldest completed two wooden puzzles: one that matched images and one with individual pieces. The one with individual pieces impressed me the most. He’s been playing with a matching puzzle with a turtle, a crab, and a fish since he was a year old but putting puzzles with multiple pieces together by himself was new.

At first, he put the fish in the center …  then looked at it …  then took it out. After taking a moment to think, he started putting the sky in. After that, he put the lake in. Once that was done, he placed the last two pieces (the fish) and the puzzle was complete! After a round of singing (“You did it. You did it. Yeah, yeah, yeah!”) he took the pieces out and completed it five more times. Lol I finally got him to stop by asking him what he wanted to eat for lunch. Lol My babies can eat! Lol

Anyway …  it was a new adventure for all of us and I was excited to see our oldest using a new skill.

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