Turns Out We Are NOT Licensed

I missed the call but I read the email: there was a problem with our license and could we please call.

Uh oh …

I called her social worker that told me that they were trying to move baby girl’s case from foster care to adoption but they couldn’t because it turned out that our home wasn’t licensed.  *blank stare*

I called the lady that came out and did our inspection. She told us that we still needed to complete eight hours of training each for our license to be valid. She also gave us thirty days to complete that training. That’s fine but I’m not sure why:

  • She didn’t say that when she came out here and did the inspection.
  • We didn’t receive a letter in the mail saying that we were NOT licensed and what we needed to do to become licensed.

Anyhoo …. it turns out that the free classes from our local community college don’t start up again until mid-January. It also turns out that we could take the classes online. We found a website where you can take classes for $10 each. I completed all eight hours in about 3.5 hours online for $40. Ugh …  if she would have said this a month ago it could have been taken care of a month ago.

I was worried that they were gonna come take baby girl away since our home wasn’t licensed. That was really scary. Thankfully, no one even mentioned that but I still wish licensing would have been upfront and clear from jump so this whole situation could have been avoided.

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