Adoption #2: Case Transferred to Adoptions


Our youngest’s social worker came by this evening and told us that since we were licsensed again, she would be able to transfer baby girl’s case from foster care to adoptions. When I asked her if she had already compiled the documents she needed to sent to adoptions, she wasn’t sure what I was talking about and then said that adoptions compiled everything. Well, that’s clear as mud.

Last time, our adoption worker seemed to have a better handle on things so I guess I’ll wait until she comes back out. Lol I also asked her about getting the baby’s ears pierced and getting passport. She said that we should just get ’em pierced. When I mentioned that I had asked previously but I wanted to wait until I had the okay from the county, she was like, “Well ….  parental rights have been terminated …. just do it”. Alrighty then ….  she could have told me that waaaaaay back in September. Anyhoo ….

When I asked about the passport she laughed and said that we’d have to get the baby’s passport. Okay. That wasn’t what she said last time. I told her that I thought we were waiting on something from the court and she said that we’d need a birth certificate and we’d have to go to the Post Office. Yeah ….. we’ve done this three times …. we know how it works. Lol She seemed to be trying to remember that we’d need to get a birth certificate. When I reminded her that we had a copy of the birth certificate because we’d flown with the baby twice, she seemed surprised. SHE was the one that gave us the birth certificate! LOL I clarified again that we didn’t need a document from the court and she said, “No”. I’ll make an appointment and see how that goes.

She also said that we hadn’t been paid for the last two months and that we’d be receiving the back pay. I thought we wouldn’t be paid since, apparently, we weren’t licensed. I’m not sure if she knows what she’s talking about. Lol

Anyhoo … everything looks back on track. I’m looking forward to signing the adoption papers and getting a finalization date.

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