DIY: I Made a Pinata!

My kid had a Thundercats theme for his third birthday. As you may or may not know …. Thundercats hasn’t been big since around 1985. Saying that it was challenging to find Thundercats themed items for the party is an understatement. One of the items I wanted was a pinata and finding one already done was a no-go. Paying $60 to have one made seemed silly.

I looked online and of course there were do-it-yourself tutorials. This one and this one made it seem so easy. I decided that if they could do it, I could do it. I made the frame in about 40 minutes and then spent another 1.5 hours putting on the fringe.


  • One USPS shipping box
  • One Honest Comapany diaper box
  • 3 sheets of red tissue paper
  • 2 sheets of red tissue paper
  • One pair of scissors
  • One cylinder of glue
  • One cylinder of clear tape
  • One foam piece (to smear glue)

I started by tracing the number three on the post office box mailer.


Once I had a front and back cut out, I started cutting out little parts to tape together to make it three dimensional. I wasn’t sure about the door for the candy so I chose to just fill the pinata and seal the whole things up.


I cut the tissue paper into 2 inch strips, covered the surface that I wanted to cover with glue using my sponge, and layered one on top of another.


After I covered the whole surface with red tissue paper, I cut the fringe.


I learned with the red side that the strips I cut weren’t long enough. With the black, I cut the strips longer and thinner so I’d get more coverage. Once I had all the paper on, I went back and trimmed the edges.


I struggled with the edges.


After putting all the tissue paper on, I glued some images that I downloaded from the internet on.


It didn’t turn out perfectly, but for a few hours and about $3 worth of materials it wasn’t bad.

Pinata - helping out

My son loved it.

The kids enjoyed wacking it. It was cheap enough that I didn’t mind all my hard work being destroyed after a few minutes. Lol

See how the rest of the Thundervats party turned out here.


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