Mother’s Day 2017

African American toddler is excited because her sister called her.


Ah …  Mother’s Day. A day I loathe. I wake up and everyone is talking about their mothers and sharing photos of their mothers and I ..   have nothing.

My mom is dead.

My grandma is dead.

I think about it more today because it’s being shoved in my face. This morning I cried. Then I cried some more. Then I held my daughter … and cried. Then I held my partner … and cried.

Ugh ….

Then I saw that I missed six texts from my sister. She was sending me an Amazon Fresh delivery and wanted to know what I wanted. She said that since today is Mother’s Day, she thought she’d save me a chore. How sweet is that?

That led to an offer to host the finalization party for our daughter at her house.

We chatted for a bit and by the time we got off the phone, I felt much better.

I wanted to hug her through the phone.


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