Cesarean Socials Are a Thing


A woman in an online group I’m in asked about a cute name for a party to celebrate a mom that’s having a cesarean. I’m sure we’ll all heard of Push Parties. Many women give birth by pushing a baby down the birth canal …  but not all women. She wanted to be celebrated for carrying life and birthing by cesarean but wanted a cute name.

When I Googled “cesarean party” what came up were articles about how having a cesarean was no picnic and was the easy way of giving birth. While those articles are valid, it wasn’t really what I was looking for. Eventually, I looked up synonyms for “party” and chose something that sounded good together. Viola, you have the cesarean Social!

I’m pretty excited about it. I can’t wait for a friend to have a baby via c section so I can throw my first Cesarean Social!  =)


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