Mexico City With Toddlers


We spent a few days in Mexico City with our two toddlers because United started flying that route and fares were super cheap (like $120 each way cheap) so we went for it. Neither of us was sure what to expect. When I told my friend that we were going to CDMX she told me to watch out for “tranzas” because Mexico City was full of people trying to scam and take advantage of you. After almost having the police called by an angry taxi driver in Brazil and almost being left at the Viet Nam to Cambodia border crossing for my refusal to pay, I wasn’t sure what we were getting into but I thought surely it couldn’t be that bad.

It actually wasn’t bad at all. Getting through customs was fast and easy.  We walked a few steps outside the airport and used our new free-to-Mexico cell plan to request an Uber. The guy showed up in about three minutes and drove us to our AirBnB. The host was gracious, showed us a few things, gave us the keys and took off. We dropped our packs (you know we don’t bring carry-ons) and called another Uber to take us to Six Flags (since we have passes all the parks are free). Six Flags Mexico City was kinda of wack so we walked around a bit (with people staring and pointing and some touching us .. that’s for another post) and then called another Uber outside of the gate and headed back to our AirBnB.


Olmec Heads

I really wanted to see the anthropology museum because it houses some of the Olmec heads found in Veracruz. It’s a really well done museum and I LOVED so many parts of it. We grabbed some lunch at the cafe and began wandering. The museum is in the parks/museum (think Central Park) area with a lake and things to eat and things to see and outdoor sculptures and …. we spent a good two hours just walking around and looking. When we grew tired of walking, we called up another Uber and headed to the Zocalo. One of the main reasons I wanted to go to Mexico City was to see the mural “Canto a los héroes” by José Gordillo. It’s located in a small art museum in the stairwell. I cried when I saw it. There is just a small image of Gaspar Yanga standing behind someone else but seeing Africans included in the story of Mexico felt good. The Zocalo was crazy crowded so we hopped on the metro and went back to the suburbs.



The next day we visited a HUUUUUGE outdoor swapmeet at the Mixhua (??) subway station. They sold new and old clothes and tons of fresh fruit and veggies. After wandering around the outdoor market much longer than we planned to, we went out to the ruins at Teotihuacan. The ruins were ….  ruins …. and the vendors were out. I was startled by a jaguar-sounding whistle that many vendors blew to drum up business. I wanted to get a snack at the cafe but they only accepted cash. Instead, we got ice creams and drinks from the little shop near the vendors. We also bought Star Wars shirts with the words Teotihuacan on them. Who can resist a storm trooper and a Darth Vader covered in mural art with the word “Teotihuacan” below it in bold letters? Certainly not me.

Getting dropped off at the gate by Uber wasn’t difficult and the fee to get in the park was fine but getting picked up was a headache. There are multiple gates and though Uber tells the driver EXACTLY where we are, the driver couldn’t find us. We ended up asking a police officer to tell the driver where we were. Once they had that conversation, the driver was on the way.


Fridah Khalo’s House

We took an Uber down to Coyocan to visit the home of Fridah Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Our DK Guidebook mentioned that it’s best to get tickets online and they were correct! We had to stand in a long line that went down the block. People were smoking and the kids were getting antsy by the time we reached the front. It’s a small museum that takes credit cards. My two toddlers enjoyed running around the garden and spinning the tumblers to recreate Fridah Khalo’s different outfits. There was a place to take a cute photo but the line was crazy long, so we hit up the gift store instead. After the museum we grabbed some grub from a little restaurant that focused on tostadas. The beef tongue was DELICIOUS.

Wrap Up

We spent a few days wandering around Mexico City with our two toddlers and had an absolute ball. Not once did we feel unsafe or uncomfortable. I only scheduled a few days in CDMX because I had heard such bad things about it but I wish I had planned to spend more time there. I’m sure we’ll return.



Housing – 2 bed/ 2 bath AirBnB with washer and dryer, on the 4th floor on La Condesa for $56 per night.

Transportation – We took the metro (10 pesos/ $0.50 per ride) a little and we used Uber a LOT. Uber is cheap and reliable. Metro wasn’t bad but it doesn’t go exactly where you want to go and it takes a bit longer.


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