Never Take Your Toddlers to Mexico

I had the bright idea to visit Mexico now that both adoptions are finished. My plan was to fly into Mexico City and then take buses to Puebla, Xalapa, Cordoba, Yanga, and Oaxaca City. There were some people that told me that Mexico was dangerous but I didn’t listen. I should have.

#1 People Are Rude

Every city that we visited contained people that just …. wanted to smile with my babies. It was really annoying. There I was trying to contain a screaming toddler and a person would try to give them a treat, play with them or give me a kind smile.

#2 Buses Are a Pain

Taking two toddlers on a bus in the middle of a country you’ve never been to before could be stressful. Not so in Mexico. Checking the ADO buses timetables online was easy. Purchasing tickets using my credit cards at the bus terminals was easy. Hopping on the new, clean buses and watching recent movies (Moana and Star Wars) while eating snacks I purchased before we left the terminal until we calmly reached our arrival. Easy peasy. We took buses to three major cities (Puebla, Cordoba, and Oaxaca City) and enjoyed each ride.

#3 My Kids Are Starving

The other terrible thing about traveling with toddlers in Mexico is all the food. It’s everywhere. It’s delicious. It’s cheap. How annoying! My two toddlers munched their way across Mexico, Veracruz, and Oaxaca states. Lol My oldest especially loved the handmade tortillas that we found in many small, corner taquieria carts.

My family spent almost three weeks in Mexico with our three year old and two year old. We were super frustrated at how nice everyone was, how easy it was to travel across the country, and how much cheap, delicious food was available. What really chucked your corn about Mexico?

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