Family Set of Holiday Mugs

I did it!

When we were matched with our son, my sister bought us the cutest little holiday mug set. There were two large mugs and one baby sized mug. It was adorable! *in my Maui voice* Once we were matched with our daughter I realized that we needed to add another mug to our set. I looked high and low to find another baby sized mug that matched our set, but I came up with bubkis.

This year I decided that I’d just Cricut us up a set. It was more challenging than I thought it would be (small, sticky lettering that ended up crooked) but not as hard and I was afraid it would be (the Cricut does most of the work).

Family holiday mug set bears Cricut 631 vinyl

Anyhoo …   I’m proud of my crooked little family of bears holiday mug set. I found the mugs at the thrift store. I already had the vinyl. This was the first time I inverted the images (notice the parent bears kissing), used the slicing tool to weld the letters onto the image (so the words were cut out of the bear), and used 631 vinyl. I thought about 651 but I wasn’t sure I wanted to commit to this look. Lol

I saw a few images that inspired me but weren’t exactly what I wanted so I got to work. I’ll probably diy a new set next holiday season but for the time being …   I’m happy.

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