Getting Around in Playa del Carmen

When we got off the ADO bus station in Playa del Carmen, we exited onto a little alley-looking street that had a 24 hour McDonalds, rental car company, and several resteraunts and shops. We turned to the right and saw a line of taxis. It was late. It was dark. We have two toddlers. We made a HUGE mistake: we got in the first taxi we saw. Ugh …  180 pesos from the bus station to our AirBnB (about a 15 min drive).


For some reason, Uber is not available in the Yucatan peninsula. We used it with no problem in Mexico City and Puebla. In Oaxaca, it didn’t exist. In Playa del Carmen, it doesn’t exist. We knew that before we arrived, hence heading to the taxi stand.


The taxi from the bus station to our AirBnB was 180 pesos. The taxi from the Mega Supermarket (near the center of town) to our AirBnB was …..  60 pesos. Taxi drivers always take advantage of the new folks in town. Ugh …. which is why we prefer Uber. UGH!


We didn’t want to get taken again, so we walked out to the local collectivo stop. Taking the collectivo was about 10 pesos per adult and 5 pesos per child. It still took about 15 minutes. The can was pretty new and clean plus there were benches along the inside. We were not squished in there like sardines, like I expected. We met a nice couple visiting from a town near Mexico City that told us where to get off (in from the Mega Supermarket) and which street to walk down to get to the beach. We’ll probably be taking collectivos from here on out.


The last option is walking. Some places I’m more willing to walk to than others. Lol When you use collectivos, you kind of end up riding a bit and walking a bit. Hey, it’s good for your health, you can stop at random interesting places and you’re legs will look great! Lol

Anyhoo … we’re still figuring out how to get around Playa del Carmen. There is a learning curve, but we’re resilient and willing to learn.




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