Why We Left Our AirBnB Early

We booked a two bedroom apartment in a residential area of Playa del Carmen. It’s about 20 minutes by colectivo from the strip. It was internet and a washer and dryer and …. not much else.

Our AirBnB didn’t have:


Netflix app

any food places within a 10 minute walk

an ADDRESS so nothing would deliver

Ugh …  when I asked the AirBnB hosts to call the delivery service for me, they said just tell them the name of the building and it should be fine. That’s what we did to start off with ..  it wasn’t fine. I ended up asking the security guard to call a pizza for us. He had a hard time explaining where we were because …  there wasn’t an address.  *blank stare*

We booked from Friday until Wednesday and ended up leaving Monday morning because the struggle to get food was too ridiculous. We booked an AirBnB at a beachside resort in Akumal.

We arrived to find: no internet, no Netflix, only 1 tv in the living room (though the online photos showed a tv in the bedroom as well), a place with lots of little upkeep issues (ugly headboards, back burner on the stove taped over …  yes with actual electrical TAPE, a sink that spews water if not turned on at the exact correct angle) and the cherry on top? No food places within walking distance! LOL

The first place was $185 for 6 nights. The second place was $350 for THREE nights. Same shit, different day. Ugh …..

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