Worst Day Ever in Tulum, Mexico

Cash was running low so we thought we’d grab some cash in Tulum before setting off to see the ruins and take a walk along the beach. Simple, right? Apparently not.

We took the colectivo from the Akumal resort we’re staying at (40 pesos per person) to the ADO bus station in centro Tulum. We saw a ScotiaBank and a HSBC. We stopped at the HSBC and used the ATM. The first time it said our card couldn’t be used. We tried again and it said our card couldn’t be used. Hmmm …

We walked down to the ScotiaBank to use the ATM. This time, the ATM said the card couldn’t be used but I got a notification from by bank asking me if fraud was being attempted. After texting back that it was indeed me, I was told to wait five minutes and try again. Okay. Five minutes passed and we tried again. This time, it said my card couldn’t be used but I got a notification this time saying that my ATM withdrawal had gone through. Wait, what? No money came out of the machine so we tried again. Again, I recieved a notification saying that the withdrawal had gone through.

I started to get worried that my account was being depleted but I didn’t have access to the money. I called my bank (an international call with international fees) and spent 23 minutes talking with a lady that told me that the withdrawals were bring charged to my account and then returned. She asked me to try again. One more time we went to the ATM and one more time no money came out but I got a notification saying that the withdrawal had come out of my account. She ended the call by telling me to try a different ATM.  *blank stare*

We walked down to the Super San Francis de Assisi grocery store where there was a BBVA. We tried to get money once again and …  no money came out. Ugh.

We spent so much time trying to get money that we didn’t go the ruins. By the time we walked the length of the strip, we were tired and ready to go home. We didn’t have enough cash to take a colectivo to the ruins AND take the colectivo into Playa del Carmen tomorrow …..  and walking was about three kilometres so we hopped on the first colectivo we saw to head back to the resort.

As we drove half a block down we saw a sign: Ruins Tulum 1 km.

are you serious?!

We settled in for the 20 minute colectivo ride with both kids acting an ass. By the time we reached the resort I was frusterated and ready to not be carrying my 31 pound toddler on my back …  but wait …  there’s more!

As we exited, Corey realized that his phone had dropped out of his pocket. His new, snazzy $1,000 phone was gone. I got back on the colectivo and looked on my hands and knees but saw nothing. Meanwhile the kids are on the side of the road (colectivos just drop you off on the side) and the passengers are so worried about them being hit by traffic that they are corraling them for us. What a mess!

I don’t find the phone and we head home. Corey’s upset. I’m tired. The kids are oblivious. He uses that find-my-phone thing to send out that annoying ring and we walk back to the condo. After about 5 minutes, my phone rings. They found the phone!

The English-speaking guy tells me that they found the phone and we can come get it in Playa del Carmen (about a 30 minute colectivo ride away) at the colectivo station but we only have an hour before our driver leaves and a new shift starts. We don’t have enough money for both of us to go so I give him my phone and send him into the dusk with no Spanish skills and the few pesos we have left.

I wait.

If something happens, I’d have no way of knowing.

I wait.

I wait.


There it is, the knob turns and there he is! He retrieved the phone, got on a colectivo, and he’s back with his phone in hand.

It was a helluva day considering nothing happened …  and everything happened.

Good night.

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