Alabaman BBQ in Merida, Mexico

On the ADO bus ride into Merida, I asked  our AirBnB host if there was any food within walking distance of the house. He told me about Momocoa.

Momocoa is a little place across the street from the Liverpool that has a bbq pit out front and emits smoke that fills the neighborhood with the smell of bbq. We took a look at the menu on their Facebook page and decided to give ’em a try.

I walked down there (it was literally a 5 minute walk) and knew exactly what I wanted to order: brisket (my favorite), picanha, and chicken. When I arrived, I was informed that they didn’t have brisket. Instead, I got picanha, chicken, Vietnamese (??) shrimp rolls, pulled beef, chips, and a hibiscus drink.

In the US, I’ve not heard people rave about Alabama bbq and now I know why. Lol  Nothing was inedible but nothing was delicious. The picanha was cold. The chicken was wobbly. The pulled beef wasn’t bad, I just don’t understand the purpose of this style of meat. The bbq was …  okay. The shrimp were good but the whole roll wasn’t. The chips were pretty good. The drink was HORRIBLE. I’d go there again but it would be my 9th or 10th choice.

Hours: Noon to 4pm

Take credit cards: Yes

Place to eat indoors: Yes

Take out available: Yes

Parking: Street parking

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