Sunday at Plaza Grande in Merida

Today is our last day in Merida, Mexico. Before heading back to Playa del Carmen we thought we’d check out Plaza Grande. I read that Sundays, the streets around the plaza are closed so allow families to bike and folks to walk around enjoying the food vendors, shops, and the street entertainment.

We took Uber down to the plaza from the north side (where our AirBnB is) and exited near the Oxxo/Circle K and Casa Maya. We wandered the street (there are several small resteraunts) and decided on Casa Maya for breakfast because they said they had “American breakfast” and comida de Yucatan.

We grabbed a table and a menu and started to discuss what we wanted. A guy came over and started explaining to me what each thing was and what it had in it. He was very patient. When the kids started getting fussy, he suggested that he bring a bowl of chips, guacamole, and pico de gallo until the food came.

We ordered french fries, salbutes (a kind of tortilla with chicken, onion, and tomatoe on top), jugo de pino con chaya, un horchata, and the American breakfast that consisted of pancakes, a pretty small fruit plate, orange juice, and coffee. Everything except the syrup was pretty good. Lol

After breakfast we wandered down to the plaza and took the requisite photos by the Merida sign and the lover’s chairs. I had heard that the Palacio de Gobierno had amazing murals and art that depicted the history of the Yucatan with an emphasis on the experience of the Mayan people so we headed over there. It was free to go in and the art is HUGE! Each piece has a little placard that explains some background of the piece. I learned a lot about the Mayan fight for survival after the Spanish arrived.

After the palacio, we crossed the street back to the plaza because we heard drums. You know Black folks can’t stay away from drums. Remember that Dave Chappel skit? Lol

There was a small cadre of kids banging on their drums. The leader had some sticks that reminded me of drumming I’ve seen in west African drumming circles. Hmmmm …

Anyhoo …  after all that excitement the boy was tired so I put him up in the toddler Tula and he drifted off to sleep. The girl was running around like a crazy person so ..  He put her in her toddler Tula and she drifted off as well. We caught an Uber back to our AirBnB and managed to get them both into bed without waking them up.

Today was a GOOD day.

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