The Money Museum in Kansas City

We drove to Kansas City to visit the The Fed and it’s Money Museum. I wanted to take a look since I’ve only been to the The Fed in Los Angeles. I was also interested in how my two toddlers might interact with the museum.


Playing in the interactive hallway.

There is a whole section devoted to the history of currency in the United States. There is another section for a treasure hunt, of sorts, for older kids. There is another interactive section that let’s children, and those of us that are children at heart, put our photos on a bill of our choosing, open doors and turn knobs to separate financial education fact from myth. The last bit is a glass wall that allows you to look into the cash handling section.


My kids running through The Money Museum like banshees. Lol

My kids are only three and two years old so after taking a few photos and running around a bit, they were over it. The Money Museum is on the first floor of the building that The Fed is in, so two little ones running around giggling loudly wasn’t a good look. Lol

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