Crossing the Mexican Border With Our Pit

We were bored in the US and decided to take a quick trip down to Rosarito. I booked a house with a beautiful view of the sunset. I mentally made a grocery list. I started packing our clothes and then I realized …  there might be some kind of requirements to take a dog into Mexico. Hmmmm ….

When I checked online, it said that our dog would need to have a current rabies vaccination and a health certificate from a licensed US vet. We made an appointment at our veterinarian’s office, got his boosters, paid $16 for a health certificate and were on our way.

Living in the southland means we visit baja California quite often but this would be our first time bringing our dog with us. I’ve driven across the border and walked across the border but I wasn’t sure what to expect this time.

We stopped in San Diego to grab groceries and by the time we made it to the border it was about 4:30pm on a Thursday. It was crowded. It was really crowded. We drove in our lane until we got close enough to see the border crossing. At that point, it turned into a free for all. I tried to find a car and stick behind it. Lol

As you drive through a lane/chute there is a machine that takes a picture of your license plate. After the arm lifts, you drive past a person that determines if you get pulled over for secondary inspection or not …  the thing is there are about 15 or 20 cars all going past her at the same time. I just followed the car in front of me and wasn’t looked at twice. I was worried since we had a thick-necked pitbull silhouette in the back of our car’s window. Either she didn’t notice or she didn’t care. We drove right by her.

As soon as you exit the inspection area, you can take the far right tollway (cuota) entry to get down to Rosarito and the Tijuana (tee-wanna) beaches. Once you cross the border, it’s about a 30 minute drive.

I’m wondering what getting back to the US will be like but the drive across the Tijuana border with our pitbull mix pup was easy.

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