Bringing Our Dog from Mexico Back to the US

We spent a few days in Rosarito with our pit bull mix. Crossing the Mexican border to get into Mexico was easy but after reading some comments/blogs I was worried about bringing our dog back into the United States.

We had a health certificate and we had his rabies vaccination but I was worried that the shot hadn’t been administered long enough ago. We got his booster Friday morning before we left. Eek!

When I emailed the health folks in the US, the return email said that though they do require dogs brought into the US to have a rabies shot at least 30 days before arrival. The email clarified that that’s for NEW (or first) rabies vaccinations. Since this was our dog’s third or fourth rabies shot (he’s 8 years old) it was considered a booster and the email said we should be fine. We hopped in the car, gathered our children and our belongings, and headed to sit in traffic to get back across the United States border.

I timed it perfectly. We left Rosarito around 10am. We got in the car line to cross around 10:30am. We sat in the car line for about an hour (pretty short to cross at Tijuana). When we made it to the booth, the guy took our passports, walked around the car and said, “Oh! That’s a big dog.” I said, “Yep”. He handed us our passports, didn’t ask ANYTHING about the dog, and we headed across the border to grab some lunch in Chula Vista.

All that worrying for nothing.


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