Meeting Black Panther and the Dora Milaje at CA Adventures


The Dora Milaje escorting Black Panther to a photo opportunity at CA Adventures.

We weren’t gonna get annual passes to Disneyland this year since we plan to be gone so much but then Black Panther came out. Then my kids LOVED the movie. Then Disney decided to bring Black Panther and the Dora Milaje (the adored ones) the Hollywood backlot in CA Adventures. Then my oldest started asking me about visiting Disneyland and seeing Mickey. Then my youngest started asking to see Pluto. It all adds up to …  we bought passes and spent two days visiting CA Adventures and Disneyland …  you know …  for the kids.

IMG_20180308_1511512We didn’t get to see the entry from the side of Guardians of the Galaxy, down the main thoroughfare of the Hollywood backlot and into the area next to Monsters, Inc. because we were waiting in line. When the music started and we saw the Dora Milaje walking with the Avengers truck …  I started tearing up. I know Wakanda is fictional. I know the Black Panther is a character started in the 1960s by two white dudes. I know I should not be this geeked about a Marvel character but ….  I couldn’t control myself.


2018 CA Adventures Black Panther Shay wrong pose LolThe characters were AMAZING! They all stayed in character (with accents) while talking with my kids and the whole family. At one point, Black Panther asked my oldest what his name is. When my son said, “Black Panther” he and the Dora Milaje exchanged a look like, “THIS guy!” Lol At one point the Dora Milaje told my son to always take care of his tribe. It reminded me of the part in the animated series when Black Panther took off his mask and told the little boy that he could achieve anything the Black Panther could achieve. I felt really happy and excited to have that experience.

2018 CA Adventures Black Panther wait ... YOURE the Black Panther Lol

We tried to buy some Black Panther merchandise but there wasn’t anything in Disneyland. In CA Adventures, you have to go back behind Guardians of the Galaxy to get to the giftshop where the bulk of the Black Panther merchandise seems to be. We got all the way back there to find ….  not much. The Black Panther costume wasn’t impressive (I’m not feeling the blue “vibranium” running all over the suit) and there were no Dora Milaje or Shuri costumes. There were no claws. There was one Black Pather figurine. Target had a better selection. There was a yoga-looking track suit that seemed Dore Milaje inspired ….  meh …

Anyhoo …  I’m glad we went and I hope they keep it for a while because I’d love to do back and visit Black Panther and the Dora Milaje again.

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