Fort Lancaster is AMAZING!


The entrance to Fort Lancaster from the street.

We were driving toward San Antonio when we saw a sign for Fort Lancaster. We got off the 10 hoping to find a place to stretch our legs and instead found …  amazing!


The brand new visitor’s center is wonderful! Stop by as soon as you can.

Amazing points:

They allow dogs INSIDE the museum.

They let you check out a golf cart to tour the fort ruins for free.

They have a great video that explains how the fort was the only one ever attacked and how the Buffalo Soldiers defended it.

They have an interactive dress up area for kiddies WITH accessories.

They have a cute camel that kids can climb on because the arm actually brought camels to use.

The bookstore is bananas with a great selection of books and a TON of cute toys.

The guy that works there LOVES his job and told us the story of the battle with a little diorama and emphasis on the dramatic parts.


The fort is really spread out and Texas is hot …  so they let you drive a golf cart to see everything.


Our family of four hopped on a FREE golf cart and even brought our boxer mix along.

We had such a good time running around. We didn’t expect much from Texas history but the museum was well-balanced and made a real effort to show the contributions of the Black soldiers.





We continued on our way and then saw a car on the side of the road. We slowed down and saw an older, Black woman. We pulled over and offered assistance. My partner got the lug nuts off the tire and I used to jack to lift the car. We got the spare on and then followed them for about 30 minutes to make sure they were okay. We stayed in Junction, Tx right on a river. We grabbed some smoked turkey and brisket and drove over to the hotel. The kids ran around crazy all night and our youngest woke up twice.


Off to Shiner, Tx.



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