Important Black Folks

I’ve been looking for a curriculum for my babies but I’m coming up with bubkis. If course I see the Martin Luther King Jr.s and the Rosa Parkses and the Harriet Tubmans …  of course I see the person that first created the ________ and first was able to _______ back in _____.

I often feel like the Black people that held up are the ones that are most palatable to white people, even if those histories have to artfully forget that in their heyday they weren’t palatable *cough MLK cough*

Anyhooo ….  as we continue on our worldschooling adventure, I’m looking to teach my babies about the folks that aren’t as palatable. The folks that didn’t ask for freedom are difficult to find but we run across them on our journeys. In Cincinnati we came across a whole slew of people that ran away from being enslaved (and didn’t use the Underground Railroad), on the drive from Chicago we found the first town founded by Black people (during slavery, mind you), in Kansas City we learned about the Black man that made The Negro Leagues decent …  and a money maker.

My kids are still young but they are getting older every day. I need them to know about the Marcus Garveys and the Fannie Lou Hamers and every other Black person that was amazing.

I’m sure I’ll be adding to this list, but my goal is to create a calendar so we can celebrate important milestones in Black history. If you know of any good milestones, please mention them in the comments.

Marcus Garvey born August 17th, 1887 in Jamaica

Fannie Lou Hamer born October 6, 1917 in Mississippi

Patrice Émery Lumumba born July 2, 1925 in the Congo

Winnie Madikizela-Mandela born September 26, 1936 in South Africa

Muhammad Ali   born January 17, 1942 in Kentucky

Ida B. Wells born born July 16, 1862

Shirley Chisholm

Mary Mcleod Bethune born July 10, 1875



I just found this article about the women in the Black Power Movement. I’ll keep looking.






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